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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are your guarantee’s on service.
    Residential service guarantees usually run six months for most insect and rodent work. Carpenter Ant and Animal work guarantees are for one year. Commercial work usually does not carry any guarantee.

  2. How quickly should we expect an All-Pest Technician to respond to a service call in between monthly service.
    Service response time is usually dictated by the problem at hand. If there is to be any interior insecticidal application, our services must be arranged when occupants are able to vacate. Should the problem be an emergency, a technician is dispatched as soon as one is available. Same day service is most likely.

  3. What type of training and certification do All-Pest Control Technicians undergo?
    All-Pest Control technicians hold Ontario Ministry of the Environment licenses for structural pest management; many of our technicians hold a variety of licenses, including landscape, biting flies and fumigation licenses. The majority of our technicians are college and university graduates.

  4. How does All-Pest control identify various types of insects to make sure we receive the proper treatment
    “Proof of Pest” is the law in Ontario and All-Pest Control technicians have broad experience in identifying insects and rodents of all types. All-Pest Control is fortunate to have a staff member who holds a PhD in entomology and we have complete laboratory facilities for insect identification.

  5. What does All-Pest Control offer for any odours for mice?
    Odour control is a specialty service at All-Pest Control. We carry a full line of odour control products and have several experts on staff for any residential, commercial or industrial odour problem.

  6. After a chemical spray treatment how long do we have to be out of the home?
    “The Label is the Law.” Any insecticide application is dictated by the label on the material used. The label is a federal standard set by Health Canada for all our products and must be adhered to. All-Pest Control usually doubles the time recommended for vacancy after a treatment.

  7. My current pest control service provider continues to spray but we have the same issue.
    There is much more to a pest problem than meets the eye. Most chronic pest issues are so because of an environmental factor or factors; what you see is not always what you get in pest management. A knowledgeable pest management professional relies heavily on his or her knowledge, experience and inspection abilities to measure a pest problem. Only after all environmental factors are scrutinized does a treatment begin, and, usually, one is enough.

  8. What should I look for in a pest control Provider?
    Your pest control provider should meet and exceed your needs. Reliability, professionalism, care and concern are important factors in your decision. Increasingly important is the area of communication; your pest control provider must be able to inform you of what is involved in your pest problem and how, if possible you can help.


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What People are saying

“I am very pleased to report that all business conducted by All-Pest Control is done in a highly satisfactory manner. Most importantly,  All-Pest Control gets results.”

Food Service Manager

“All-Pest Control has introduced an Integrated Pest Management approach which has enabled us to significantly reduce the amount of chemical used, yet provides thorough control in an environment featuring a large complex of buildings in a setting that borders on natural lands.”

University Campus Manager

“As a professional Management Company we rely on All-Pest Control Services to successfully respond to in excess of 1,000 calls per year.

The Boards of Directors and Owners within 200 plus condominium corporations appreciate their extremely efficient, reliable and knowledgeable staff.”

Principal, Property Management

“All-Pest Control was contracted to resolve an ongoing infestation on public transit buses.  The results were immediately evident, the problem resolved, and at a fraction of our previous cost."

Educational Facility Manager

“All-Pest Control has met all our Health and Safety requirements, and your staff has been fully accessible at all times to assure our satisfaction”

Transportation Manager
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